The year 2017 turned out to be a crucially important for me in the context of choosing my life path and my career. I resigned from work in the corporation and created my own company - "COLOR WINGS".

The person who inspired me, boosted my self-confidence and helped me to take that difficult decision was Andrew Bartosz- the brilliant artist I've met in Melbourne in April 2017.

Thanks to Andrzej I believed that as an artist I would not only be able to express myself in the fullest possible way and show my way of seeing the surrounding me reality, but also be successful person. Andrzej explained to me that being an artist is like any other job "you just have to paint everyday, be systematic, do it with passion, and then work is fruitful".


In my work various topics are discussed. Their purport is not always "easy and pleasant" but it is a part of life. Many times in the one picture there is a complex story based on my observations, feelings and experiences. Paintings also consist of several layers and images simultaneously.

In my work, I make it a rule of not using too many words explaining or describing my paintings. I think the words can narrow down the imagination of the Spectator. For this reason, the titles of my paintings also contain some understatement.

I want my artwork to be a kind of remedy for people. I want it to help them in life, to sensibilise, comfort, joy and to provide reflection. It does not matter if it works at the conscious or subconscious level.In my paintings I give and express myself - my heart and my soul.